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Archive for February 2009

By Steve Thomas

How to prosper with a clear conscience

Exodus 20 v 15

How do we steal ?

By deceiving customers, By defrauding employers,

By delaying payments ,By defrauding on loans

By deceiving the government,

by defrauding the Lord

Why be honest ?

1 I am being watched

2 I will reap whatever I sow

3 Dishonest damages my character

4 God will reward my honesty

First steps to Integrity

1 Make restitution when possible

2 Give God my full tithe

3 Make a living honestly

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By Steve Parsons

Part 2 Walk in the truth

Exodus 20 v16

You shall not bear false witness


  • Out right lie
  • Deception 1 Insinuation 2 Exageration
  • Gossip 1:is it true 2: will talking about this do anybody any good
  • Flattery
  • Slander

why do we lie 1:pride 2:Embarrassment

lies or truth is a spiritual battle

1 John ch1 v15

3 john

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By Steve Thomas


Value 1 Learn to be content

Exodus 20V17

Covert : The Uncontrolled desire to acquire

  • The effects of always wanting more


  • How to learn Contentment
  1. Resist comparing myself to others
  2. Rejoice in what i do have
  3. Release what i have to help others
  4. Refocus on what's going to last

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