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Archive for March 2009

By Sonny Oliver

Exodus 20 v8-11 Observe the sabbath

Stop driving yourself crazy

6 Things to help you calm your week

  1. Commemoration
  2. Ceasing work
  3. Consecration
  4. Commitment
  5. Comfort
  6. Challenge

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By Steve Parsons

Exdous 20 v 12 Honour your father and mother

Living at peace with your parents

How to honour your parents;

    We honour our parents by:

    • Acknowledging them
    • Accepting them
    • Appreciating them
    • Affiriming them
    • Not Abandoning them

    How to be parents of honour

    • Listen
    • Understand
    • Keep your promises
    • Love
    • Disipline

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    By Steve Thomas

    Let there be life

    Exodus 20 v 13 Don't Murder

    Controlling Anger

    1. Don't let anger happen
    2. Analise your feelings
    3. If my anger is justified,Be careful

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    By Steve Parsons

    How to affair proof your marriage

    Part 4 Deuteronomy 5 v 18

    You shall not commit adultery

    6 Steps to affair proof your marriage

    1. REGARD sex highly
    2. RESPECT your spouse
    3. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your marriage
    4. Make time for RECREATION
    5. Nurture ROMANCE
    6. RESOLVE problems

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