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By Steve Thomas

Deuteronomy 6 v6-7

last part of 10 part series

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By Steve Thomas

Accept no substitutes

Exodus 20 v4-5 Don't make Idols of any kind

What's an Idol: Anything that takes the focus off God

  1. Idols will dissapoint us...
  2. Idols will dominate us...
  3. Idols will deform us...

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By Steve Parsons

How to Honor God's Name

Exodus 20 v 7

Don't misuse God's Name

  1. By using it cheaply
  2. By speaking falsely about him
  3. By speaking wrongly on his behalf
  4. By living wrongly

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By Sonny Oliver

Exodus 20 v8-11 Observe the sabbath

Stop driving yourself crazy

6 Things to help you calm your week

  1. Commemoration
  2. Ceasing work
  3. Consecration
  4. Commitment
  5. Comfort
  6. Challenge

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By Steve Parsons

Exdous 20 v 12 Honour your father and mother

Living at peace with your parents

How to honour your parents;

    We honour our parents by:

    • Acknowledging them
    • Accepting them
    • Appreciating them
    • Affiriming them
    • Not Abandoning them

    How to be parents of honour

    • Listen
    • Understand
    • Keep your promises
    • Love
    • Disipline

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    By Steve Thomas

    Let there be life

    Exodus 20 v 13 Don't Murder

    Controlling Anger

    1. Don't let anger happen
    2. Analise your feelings
    3. If my anger is justified,Be careful

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    By Steve Parsons

    How to affair proof your marriage

    Part 4 Deuteronomy 5 v 18

    You shall not commit adultery

    6 Steps to affair proof your marriage

    1. REGARD sex highly
    2. RESPECT your spouse
    3. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your marriage
    4. Make time for RECREATION
    5. Nurture ROMANCE
    6. RESOLVE problems

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    By Steve Thomas

    How to prosper with a clear conscience

    Exodus 20 v 15

    How do we steal ?

    By deceiving customers, By defrauding employers,

    By delaying payments ,By defrauding on loans

    By deceiving the government,

    by defrauding the Lord

    Why be honest ?

    1 I am being watched

    2 I will reap whatever I sow

    3 Dishonest damages my character

    4 God will reward my honesty

    First steps to Integrity

    1 Make restitution when possible

    2 Give God my full tithe

    3 Make a living honestly

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    By Steve Parsons

    Part 2 Walk in the truth

    Exodus 20 v16

    You shall not bear false witness


    • Out right lie
    • Deception 1 Insinuation 2 Exageration
    • Gossip 1:is it true 2: will talking about this do anybody any good
    • Flattery
    • Slander

    why do we lie 1:pride 2:Embarrassment

    lies or truth is a spiritual battle

    1 John ch1 v15

    3 john

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    By Steve Thomas


    Value 1 Learn to be content

    Exodus 20V17

    Covert : The Uncontrolled desire to acquire

    • The effects of always wanting more


    • How to learn Contentment
    1. Resist comparing myself to others
    2. Rejoice in what i do have
    3. Release what i have to help others
    4. Refocus on what's going to last

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